Community empowerment through coach education and life skills.

Masi girls netball.jpg

Local coaches from Masi preparing their girls for a netball tournmament


Location: Ukhanyo Primary School, Masiphumelele.

Access to education is limited in South Africa, with high numbers of young people finishing secondary school with no formal qualifications. In communities like Masiphumele this is no exception.  Ukhanyo Primary School was built to educate 500 children, the numbers have swelled to over 1200 in the last few years.

The school is based in Masiphumelele, a township on the outskirts of Cape Town, originally created in the early 1990's from an overflow of people from the nearby township Khayelitsha. It has grown rapidly and although official figures suggest around 16,000 residents, unofficial estimates reach as high as 30,000.  The unemployment rate is estimated at 70-80%, and crime rates are extremely high.

The ACN SA collaboration with the community began in January 2018. It was delivered as a partnership between Active Communities Network South Africa, eta Online and local community organisation Masicorp. The accredited training was delivered through eta College and the youth empowerment training through Active Communities Network SA (ACN SA).

This programme is designed to empower local people with workplace communication, organisational and administrative skills. They are taught how to plan practice coaching sessions while learning about and engaging in various teaching techniques. 

The project is driven and supported by Vincent Van de Bijl, a retired professional cricketer,  passionate about providing opportunities for local children to access sports facilities in the area and together with local NGO Masicorp have financed facilities and coaching.

A vital step in providing long term sustainability to is educate local people to become community coaches who can continue the good work. Providing valuable employability and life skills for people from such a marginalised community is key to empowering local people to access opportunities and affect change. Providing this vital capacity building training in partnership with local organisations to ensure these communities thrive is key to ACN SA's work. 

ACN SA is looking for sponsorship to assist 6 community coaches in the opportunity to study either a National Certificate in Sport Management course or National Certificate in Coaching Science Course.